[PODCAST] Discussions with the experts at Dell Technologies World

16/05/2019 • Barry Coombs

Throughout the podcast, Barry, Mike and Paul discuss their experience of the show, the conversations Mike and Paul are having with customers while they man the 'Meet the experts' area as well as their roles within the Dell Solutions Centre in Limerick. 

Adventures with Windows Autopilot - “Something went wrong”

16/05/2019 • Oli Restorick

While doing some testing of Autopilot while on the road, I came across a problem where, on first login for the end user, a “Something went wrong” message appeared. The error code was “caa70007”. Time to do some troubleshooting.

#DellTechWorld 2019 Hardware Announcements, Unity XT, Isilon, PowerProtect, PowerSwitch, VxRail ACE and much more

01/05/2019 • Barry Coombs

Wow, yesterday was a big day at Dell Technologies World. Following on from the VMware and Dell Technologies announcements of day 1, today focused on the Dell EMC products as well as new Dell client devices. 

Dell Technologies World 2019, Day 1 Announcements #delltechworld

30/04/2019 • Barry Coombs

Today we saw three major announcements from Dell at Dell Technologies World which is taking place at the Venitian Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada. Check out this blog to find out what announcements were made.

[PODCAST] Embracing and enabling new ways of working with Spencer Pitts

15/04/2019 • Megan Warren

In this podcast, VMware Chief Technologist for Digital Workspace and ComputerWorld’s Barry Coombs discuss Windows 10 Migrations and Modern Management.

Administering Droplet Computing Containers – containerizing your apps

09/04/2019 • Megan Warren

In this video, Peter von Oven, Founder and CTO of Droplet Computing joins Barry Coombs to discuss and demonstrate how an administrator can containerize applications within the Droplet Computing platform.

Droplet Computing end user experience, launching your apps.

09/04/2019 • Barry Coombs

In this video, Peter von Oven of Droplet Computing demonstrates how easy it is for a user to access their applications and data through the Droplet Computing Container. Whether it be on a Mac, Windows or Linux device, online or offline, the experience is seamless.

Enabling applications to be delivered across multi-platform devices, online and offline

09/04/2019 • Megan Warren

In this video Barry Coombs and Peter von Oven, Founder and CTO of Droplet Computing discuss the need for users to access any of their data and applications on any device and with any connection, whenever they need too. Peter explains how Droplet Computing are tackling these demands and are Enabling applications to be delivered across multi-platform devices, online and offline.

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