Barracuda at Cloud & Cyber Security Expo

13/03/2019 • Megan Warren

In this video, Steven discusses email security, artificial intelligence, machine learning and user education in regards to cyber security.

Bitdefender at Cloud & Cyber Security Expo

13/03/2019 • Megan Warren

In this video, Megan Warren interviews Liam Puleo of Bitdefender to discuss what trends he had seen at the Cloud & Cyber Security expo, including Network Traffic Security Analytics.

Cyber Security, IoT devices and Network Traffic with Bitdefender

13/03/2019 • Barry Coombs

In this video, Barry Coombs is joined by Ross Laing of Bitdefender to discuss the consistent rise of cyber security threats, including user error and threat hunting.

The Future of Wi-Fi (Wi-Fi 6) – Part 1

11/03/2019 • Matt Crawford

It appears 2019 will be a definitive moment in the short 29-year history of Wi-Fi. Yes, it has been a long time coming. WPA3 will start becoming the wireless security standard by the end of this year. In this blog I will discuss Wi-Fi 6 and what it means for you.

Cohesity update at #vRetreat 2019

07/03/2019 • Barry Coombs

Myself and Barry were lucky enough to be invited to the first vRetreat event of 2019 recently. The event was held at Stamford Bridge, the home of Chelsea Football stadium. For more information about what Barry and I thought about the day, the technology and the stadium, watch our video below.

Snow days, the real test for your workspace transformation progress!

01/02/2019 • Barry Coombs

For businesses that have truly embraced workspace transformation, a snow day should be business as usual for roles that don’t require a physical presence in a specific location.


25/01/2019 • Megan Warren

Today was our second and final day at IGEL DISRUPT. Today was focusing all around the industry, what challenges people are facing, what technology they are seeing enter the market and ultimately what technology they think will be leading and interesting in 2019.


24/01/2019 • Megan Warren

Barry and myself were lucky enough to be invited to attend IGEL’s annual EUC conference DISRUPT this year which is taking place in Munich, Germany. The conference is all focused around changing the way we work, ripping up the rule book and innovating in ways we have never done before when it comes to technology and in particular Workspace Transformation.

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